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Wood, unlike many of the materials that we use in our everyday lives, is unique in that it was once alive. Understanding this helps to explain all the unique "psychological" or sensual properties that wood retains. Touch, smell, sight, and hearing are all senses that can be attributed to wood, and different species have different attributes.

Wood is warm and we know that now because of its potential for thermal conductivity. However, it also suggests something else in our psyche. We are reminded of friendliness and giving when we feel the warmth. Unlike scientific properties, these psychological properties are completely subjective.

What one person may feel or see when looking at a piece of wood craftsmanship may be different than the next person. What one person may regard as a beautiful wood floor may not be everyone's favorite wood. Wood has also strong sentimental value and cultural value. Figurines lovingly sculpted from wood are quite labor intensive, but the emotional, sentimental, and often religious value are worth it.

Naturally, wood is not synthetic like many materials that we use in our world today. It is a closeness to nature, even if it is away from the natural environment. Before modern times, wood was utilized as the main source of raw material because it was readily available and extremely versatile. While this is still true, there are many other materials that are also out there. But there still seems to be something special about wood. If you have read this far, most likely, you understand the potential of beauty beyond the visual elements that wood can have. Wood has an unspeakable mystique.

For example, which would you prefer in your home: real wood flooring or a synthetic look alike? The answer is simple: everyone prefers the real thing. This helps to demonstrate the underlying attraction of wood. There is something that draws us to the raw-ness of nature. Living in a hand-built real log cabin has its own appeal that cannot be matched by the constant mundaneness of suburbia. We still recognize that hand-crafted and natural is something to be desired, and wood is the best material to suit both of those desires.