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2000 ZC-2 Product Description:

2000 ZC-2 is a urethane and acrylic two-component wood floor finish known for not only the results it produces, but the ease at which those results are produced. Its packaging allows for the user to combine the crosslinker with the finish without the risk of coming into direct contact with either. That’s why it’s called ZC-2 — zero contact, 2 components.

2000 ZC-2 Recommended Uses:

2000 ZC-2 is a hardwood floor finish designed to be applied to areas of all traffic levels. Floors in both commercial and residential zones can benefit from this product.

Physical characteristics of 2000 ZC-2:

Ingredients- Some ingredients included in this product are Water, 2-Methoxymethylethoxypropanol, 1-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone (A full list can be found on the back of the product)
Color – Information unavailable
pH – 7.4
Solids – 32%
Viscosity –75 cps
Density – 8.70 lbs./gallon
VOC - 350 grams/liter or 2.9 lbs/gal maximum
Gloss Level – N/A
Stability – Product must be used within four hours of being mixed
Packaging – 1-gallon plastic container

Application characteristics of 2000 ZC-2:

Clarity – Information unavailable
Leveling - Information unavailable
Dry time: Allow 2 to 3 hours between coats; only light traffic after 24 hours.
Maximum Cure - Allow one week to pass before submitting to heavy traffic and rugs.
Coverage – 500-700 square feet per gallon
Flashpoint - <200 F
Defoaming – Information unavailable
Percent cured after 24 hours - Information unavailable

Application and Maintenance for 2000 ZC-2:

The set up of this product allows for easy mixing before use. However, before doing so, make sure floors have been properly prepared for the application of 2000 ZC-2. Also, to ensure satisfactory results, know the proper application process (per directions provided) and test the product on a separate piece of wood. To achieve optimal results, apply two coats of 2000 ZC-2. If the floor wasn’t stained previous to application, three coats are recommended. If you have further questions about the application process, contact Dura Seal at 1-800-364-1359 or go to www.DuraSeal.com.

Recommended Application Tools: Synthetic bar applicator, synthetic brush or lamb’s wool applicator

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