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Oakland Wood Floors is committed to environmental sustainability. The company desires to maintain an eco-friendly business, and we take various precautionary measures to ensure that this occurs.

We always carefully select products and materials that are not produced through the use of child labor. Further, it’s very important to the company that all materials purchased follow the standard U.S. regulations.

The wood that we use comes from controlled forests. This means that there is no illegal logging happening. In a controlled forest, the amount of wood chopped down is monitored and balanced by continuous planting of trees to replace those that have been cut down.

We, the company, choose to use non-toxic materials. The coating that we use is water-based and the selection Oakland Wood floors has is one of the biggest selections in the market for water-based coating.

By the law of California, the amount of Volatic Organic Compounds (VOC) allowable in material is less than 540 mg/l. Oakland Wood Floors desires to be in compliance with this law and uses Non-VOC to Low-VOC material. This means that the materials we use contain very low VOC (250 mg/L) or Non-VOC (0 mg/L).

The disposal of all materials is done legally and we, the company, actually pay for the dumping of materials. This ensures the materials used get disposed of properly and safely.

Oakland Wood Floors is pleased to meet the growing need of being eco-friendly. Our commitment to environmental sustainability means that we are helping to preserve our planet’s resources, as well as helping consumers do the same.