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Green Flooring options and procedures for Oakland Wood Floors

America, along with the rest of the world, is experiencing a huge push to go green. We have research for renewable energy along with efforts to reduce our carbon footprint from looking at what we eat to what we drive. This should be no different when we look at our homes and our flooring. Green technology can and should be found everywhere.

Maintaining a sustainable environment is one of our key goals. Finding options when searching for your flooring needs that will ensure beauty as well as keeping our planet’s future clean is our ultimate project. We at Oakland Wood Floors always strive to find the right solutions that are also environmentally friendly. We know the importance of the ecologic future for our customers and their children.

So what is involved in offering green flooring? One thing is the advent of the use of low VOC coatings. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds and are what cause you to go running for air when painting a room. In the past, paints have contained high quantities of VOCs, which give off a breathable gas when used. Today’s standards have changed, however, and there are many paints and coatings out there that have low or no VOCs, making your life a lot easier and the environment cleaner ( we don't Recomend no VOC's for flooring coatings ).

Oakland Wood Floors is actively working with manufacturers like Bona to offer these green flooring options. Bona has a healthy respect for the environment and their Bona Environmental Choice System has the honor of being the first and only GREENGUARD-certified approved system in the flooring industry. Their system offers effective dust containment and low VOCs. With its high performance waterborne finishes to its non-toxic floor products, Bona’s system is the cleanest as well as one of the healthiest hardwood floor finishing system available today.

When looking to build new hardwood floors or replace your old flooring, keep in mind that Oakland Wood Floors’ prime objective is to offer products and services that will help preserve our environment. We are always searching for new ways to work with the industry’s manufacturers to bring you the newest and best green technology so that you can do your part to reduce your carbon emissions.

As resources run out, it’s logical to measure your needs versus the needs of the planet. Oakland Wood Floors ensures you have smart flooring options now and for years to come.