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Glitsa Infinity II Waterborne Product Description:

Glitsa Infinity II Waterborne floor finish provides professionals with a one-component product that requires no mixing, dries fast and levels to give a quality, finished look. With finish being one of the final, most important applications to a wood floor, professionals know to turn to Infinity when they want results that can’t be beat.

Glitsa Infinity II Waterborne Recommended Uses:

Glitsa Infinity II Waterborne is recommended to be used on floors where a rich appearance is desired.

Physical characteristics of Glitsa Infinity II Waterborne:

Ingredients- Water, polyurethane resin, N-Methyl-Pyrrolidone, Dipropylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether, and performance additives.
Color: Clear when wet
pH – 8.0 to 8.7
Solids – 29% (with Parts A and B mixed)
Viscosity – (#2 Zahn) 28-32 seconds
Density – 8.70 lbs./gallon
VOC - <275 grams/liter
Sheens – 80 for gloss, 50-55 for Semi-gloss, 30-35 for Satin, 15-20 for Ultra-Matte
Stability – 1-year shelf life in unopened container
Packaging – 1-gallon plastic container

Application characteristics of Glitsa Infinity II Waterborne:

Clarity – Translucent when dry
Flow and leveling – Excellent
Drying time – Can recoat after three to five hours
Maximum cure – Information unavailable
Coverage – 500-600 square feet per gallon
Flashpoint - >200
Percent cured after 24 hours – Information unavailable

Application and Maintenance for Glitsa Infinity II Waterborne:

In order to obtain the best result from Infinity II, diligently follow the instructions provided on the back of the container. It may also be beneficial to test out the product on a separate piece of wood to ensure that the result the product produces is the desired one. To achieve maximum results, apply three coats of Glitsa Infinity II Waterborne, or apply two coats of Glitsa Infinity II Waterborne with one coat of Quality Seal Waterborne Sealer. If you have further questions about the application process, contact Glitsa at 1-800-527-8111 or go to www.Glitsa.com.

To maintain your floors, prevent build up and deep clean with the proper tools when necessary. To prevent wear, use floor protectors on the furniture. When wear is apparent and cannot be disguised with deep cleaning, a recoat may be necessary.

Recommended Application Tools: T-bar, Cut-in Pad

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