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If your hardwood floors are beginning to lose some of their impressive, polished quality, or if you have just purchased or rented a building with sub-par hardwood flooring, then you might be in need of a buff and polish.

Hardwood floor buffing is a home improvement service that costs less than other methods of increasing a floor's shine, but produces similar results. Hardwood floor buffing services use a special rotating machine with a base of fine paper that is designed to remove dust and small scratches from the surface of your hardwood floors. The next step in the process is to repair and clean the floors. After the floors have been inspected, we apply a commercial hardwood floor clear coating so that your floor will shine like new in most cases. Hardwood floor dustless polishing, when done by a certified flooring professional, can help restore your wood floors to a stunning, new quality.

While many hardware and flooring stores offer floor buffers for rent, and commercial polishes are available at emporiums across the United States, doing your own hardwood floor buffing and polishing is generally not a good idea. Inexperienced floor buffers can do a job improperly, meaning that it must be redone by calling a professional. Oakland Wood Floors offers hardwood flooring services at an affordable cost.

Oakland Wood Floors employs hardwood floor buffing and polishing experts with a history of excellence as well as knowledge of the hardwood floor polishing and hardwood floor buffing service industry. Our experience, knowledge, and business ethic makes us a valuable partner for those who are attempting to restore hardwood floors to their natural state of beauty and shine. Because we truly believes that it is better to do a job right the first time than to have to re-do it, you can rest assured that we will dedicate our time and energy into ensuring that your flooring job is done complete and properly.

A member of the National Wood Flooring Association and clean record with the Better Business Bureau, Oakland Wood Floors is a smart choice for your flooring needs. Choosing our dustless wood floor buffing service means getting the job done right the first time, which eventually saves you time and money. Because we’re licensed, bonded & insured, you can rest assured that your floors will be completed professionally.

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