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Appointments – Refinishing

TERMS OF SERVICE: Our service includes some exclusions and exceptions; such items are listed below in detail.

Baseboards can be damaged during installation should they need to be removed in order to install your new flooring and we will not be held responsible for any damage done during the installation process. You have the choice to take the baseboards down yourself before we arrive. We use many different tools and are careful, but sometimes nicks or scratches occur to walls during installation and refinishing. It is the customer’s responsibility to properly repair these things upon completion of the work. See the following paragraphs for more information.

Doors: OaklandWoodFloors.com often finds that new flooring installation requires doors to be taken down to insure proper installation. Of course, we will put the doors back on their hinges upon the completion of our services, if they do not require cutting. Often new carpet or vinyl will hinder doors from opening freely. This may require a carpenter or an extra charge by us to cut or shave down the doors to fit and work properly. However, we will not be held responsible for damage to the paint on the door or the door itself.

Walls: OaklandWoodFloors.com specialists try their best to install new flooring with little to no damage done to the walls, however, in the event that some damage is done, we will not be held responsible for any repairs. It will be the customer’s responsibility.

Furniture: OaklandWoodFloors.com does charge an additional fee to move any furniture off the floor surface upon which we will be working. If possible, it would be best for you to empty these rooms prior to the initiation of work. The items that we are required to move will be moved with our best possible care, but in the event that accidental damage is done to any pieces of furniture, we will not be held responsible. The following list includes items that we will not move: water beds, pool tables, pianos, grandfather clocks, computers, lamps, books, dishes, pictures, stereos, electrical equipment, file cabinets, stoves, ranges, ice makers, valuables, or any other non-furniture items. We also do not assemble or disassemble furniture.

We do not disconnect alarm systems, cable TV or any other electrical connections. You, the customer, must also be sure to empty any closets in the rooms where the new flooring is being installed or refinished.

Existing Flooring: Old flooring may be hauled away by OaklandWoodFloors.com; however, we do charge a fee to do so. Upon request we can cut up your old carpet and roll it into smaller rolls so that your garbage collector can haul them away. Be sure to call them and ask if they have any special requirements. Often they do or they may not take the all of carpeting without charging you an extra fee. If the existing flooring contains asbestos, it may be necessary to arrange for a certified abatement specialist to perform the removal.

Prep work for wood floors includes removing baseboards, carpeting, linoleum, underlayment, and any other objects that could hinder the installation process. The time involved in doing prep work could be anywhere from a few hours to a full day. This can be an option that we are paid to do or that you already have completed upon our arrival to install or refinish your floor.

It generally takes 1-3 days to complete new installation or refinishing. It all depends upon the size of the room(s). If your floors are being installed over radiant heated floors, there will probably be a 5-7 day need to acclimate after the flooring is done. Upon completion of installation, it is important to maintain a consistent temperature within your home. An unheated home may cause damage to the new flooring.

Sanding and finishing requires 2-5 days. During this process, it is an option to have us use plastic sheeting on the cabinets, doorways and any other areas of the house to block these areas off. This will limit the amount of dust from spreading to other areas of the home while the sanding is being done. We prefer that you be out of your home at all times during the installation process. If you need to be home, then please call the project manager. OaklandWoodFloors.com has the gold standard of finishing with three coats. The exception to this is when a customer pays for an extra coat. The finished product will have excellent hardness, durability, and be spot resistant.

***Application of hardwood floor stain: OaklandWoodFloors.com uses an oil-based wood floor stain that dries fast from Bonakemi. Sometimes we use Duraseal wood stain; also an oil base.

The application of wood stain usually takes less than one (1) day, as a standard.
***Warning and reminder about hardwood floor stain: Hardwood floor stain absorbs unevenly, because of the density of some wood or the density of the wood grain. Therefore, do not expect that it will look consistently even in all areas. Also, remember the darker you go in the shade of wood stain, the more chances you have to see the age and imperfections of the wood floors that you have.

Special care must be taken during the first month since the finish needs time to create the hardness, durability, and spot resistance to soaps, detergents, water, pets, fruit juices, ink, alcohol, etc. Therefore, it is extremely important to avoid severe wear and washing during this time period.

Area rugs may be laid down 7 days after the last coat of finish has dried, though if you can, waiting another week or two does not hurt. We strongly urge the use of a padding or underlayment under all wool rugs to prevent the possibility of dye transfer. Padding or underlayment under any area rug will also protect your floor, reduce wear on your rugs, and provide added safety and comfort.

For best results it is recommended that you wait 2-3 days before bringing your furniture back into the area. If you are unable to wait the recommended length of time, then you should at least wait 24 hours after the last coat of finish was applied. It is also recommended that you use self-sticking felt pads on the bottoms of all pieces to avoid scratches to the surface and to prolong the beauty of your floors.

Your house must be kept completely closed during the first five to six hours of the drying period to keep moisture out and to prevent dust and other materials from settling into the finish. DO NOT OPEN ANY DOORS OR WINDOWS DURING THIS DRYING TIME. During this 3 to 4 day process you may choose to stay away from home completely. If you choose to come home that evening, you will want to ventilate your home as soon as the final coat is dry, usually six hours after the final coat is applied, depending on humidity and temperature. Since it will take longer to dry if weather conditions are below 60 degrees, you may want to turn up the heat after you ventilate the home for a period of time. Do not stay in the home while you are waiting for the smell to dissipate.

The customer agrees to make his or her property easily accessible by keeping the driveway clear, being available for any vehicle movement during our normal work hours. If the customer should deny access to any worker or material supplier during our scheduled work hours, the customer will be held in breach of the Agreement he/she has with OaklandWoodFloors.com and will be liable for such a breach. OaklandWoodFloors.com will only begin work if/when the project site is in ready condition to do so. If your home is not in work-ready condition for OaklandWoodFloors.com to begin the project, under the terms of this Agreement it will be considered a delay. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide either keys or access to the work site each day, as well as any additional instructions to open the property.

Damages to persons or property occasioned by Owner or his agents Oaklandwoodfloors.com shall not be responsible for claims arising from damages to persons or property occasioned by Owner or his agents, third parties, acts of God or other causes beyond OaklandWoodFloors.com control. The Owner shall hold OaklandWoodFloors.com completely free from responsibility and shall indemnify OaklandWoodFloors.com for all costs, damages, losses, and expenses, including, but not limited to judgments and attorney fees, resulting from claims arising from causes enumerated in the paragraph. You enter the property at your own risk, our policy is clear that you must remain out of the work site during scheduled work hours.

You, the customer, must be in total 100% agreement and understanding of your contract, work order and terms of service.

We will not do anything that is not on the work order or in the contract. When you receive your contract or work order, you must read everything carefully and understand it 100%. If something is unclear or not specified to your liking, you must immediately call the project manager and remedy any discrepancies within the agreement. The project must be stopped until you are in total agreement.

OaklandWoodFloors.com wood refinishing prices include labor and materials for hardwood floor refinish. That is all. Anything extra such as removal of floors, furniture moving, removal and installation of baseboards, pieces of trip, reducers, landings, or any other accessories are not included in the price of refinishing. If you desire any other services, you must ask what is included for that price.

Depending upon where you live, there is a minimum charge. Your project manager will have complete details.

Financing: The customer is responsible to pay in full all services rendered within this agreement. This is a cash transaction. There is no need to pay up front, however, you must make a deposit the first day work begins and before the floor specialists end their work day.

Final payment: The customer is responsible to be at the work site on the last day, upon completion of the work. The customer must make the final payment that day before the flooring specialists leave the property. We will charge you $55.00 per hour, if we have to pick up a payment, including travel time.

Unrealistic expectations: Understand that we are working on a hard material when we are installing wood or any other flooring. We do our best to make the installation look as good as possible. If we are working with an old floor, we do the best to our knowledge and experience to make your floors look specific to your needs. Most hardwood floors will sometimes retain small cuts that originally existed in the wood. Stain does not absorb evenly, so please do not expect it to do so. In the installation on stairs, we do our best to avoid gaps, but sometimes the gaps are unavoidable.

Damage or destruction: For acts of God out of the control of OaklandWoodFloors.com such as: fire, storm, flood, landslide, earthquake, theft, or other disaster or accidents causing all or a portion of the project/work done by OaklandWoodFloors.com to be destroyed or damaged requiring any rebuilding, etcetera, will be paid for by the Owner as an Extra and dealt with as herein provided for under “EXTRA WORK”.

Owner’s property: It is the Owner’s responsibility to remove or protect any personal property including, but not limited to, clothing, carpets, drapes, furniture, driveways, lawns, and shrubs. OaklandWoodFloors.com will not be responsible for damages or loss of said items.

Easements etcetera prior to construction: The Owner is to give OaklandWoodFloors.com a copy of any easements, restrictions, or rights of way relating to the property. If Owner does not do so, OaklandWoodFloors.com will assume that none exists.

Owner contact information for emergency: It is the Owner’s responsibility to provide OaklandWoodFloors.com with updated contact information - home phone number and address, business phone number and address, cell phone number, FAX number, email address, etc.

Please contact your project manager with additional inquiries.