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Stairs in a residential or commercial property are one of the areas that receive the most foot traffic, therefore taking their share of wear and tear. For many spaces stairs serve simply as a function, a way to get up and down safely and quickly. As home design evolves, stairs are quickly becoming an architectural feature and are often the first visible element when you enter a home. Dark and narrow staircases are being replaced by wide, sweeping spaces adding a new dimension to multi-story structures. Modern materials with artistic and decorative appeal are becoming the finishing choice for stairs.

To tackle a stair refinish and install is a task that requires precision and knowledge. When working with stairs, your priority must be the safety. A simple misplacement of a plank, beam or edge can create a hazard that is terribly dangerous. To avoid costly errors, irreversible damage, and accidents, it is worthwhile to invest in a stair refinish and installation service. The goal when refinishing stairs is beautification. A grand staircase will add value to a home. Without the specialized skills and tools needed to attain such a goal the end result could be quite the opposite. There are many home improvement projects that can easily be done with a bit of education. The restoration and installation of a staircase is one project best left to the flooring experts.

Oakland Wood Floors, located in the Bay area, has a long standing reputation of outstanding craftsmanship in the arena of refinishing and installing wood stairs. The vast array of materials we’re able to source, both domestically and internationally, offers our clients a plethora of choices when it comes to giving stairs a face lift. Each and every job we complete is assigned a site manager to ensure all aspects of your flooring are done to perfection. An in home visit with a professional design consultant will guide you through the many finishes Oakland Wood Floors offers, and customization is available should you have unique needs.

As a long standing member of the National Wood Floor Association and Better Business Bureau, Oakland Wood Floors takes tremendous pride in each job. Our staff is licensed, bonded and insured; and each and every member of the Oakland Wood Floors team views wood as an art.

Refinishing stairs and installing hardwood adds flair to any property. While the end result can be breathtaking, it’s cost effective and wise to hand the job over to a skilled professional. Oakland Wood Floors will exceed your expectations and become your source for all your hardwood needs.

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