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In the real estate market, it is not uncommon for the decision to buy a house to rest not only on the size and state of the home, but also whether it has certain features or not. Many times, a key feature in this decision is whether the house has hardwood floors.

The prospective buyer is seeking value. A great advantage of hardwood is that it ages well. It has — in most cases — an indefinite life span, barring natural catastrophes. In contrast, even minor catastrophes can alter a pristine carpet or rug in seconds. Furthermore, carpet, in most instances, requires lots of work to keep it good condition, and will ultimately need to be replaced. In addition, what lurks beneath the surface can be unhealthy. Carpet is a haven for dust mites, dirt, grunge, oil, pet dander and other allergens. The natural nature of wood floors, provides children and allergy suffers relief from these things carpets can carry. Plus, existing hardwood floors are quickly and efficiently restored and finished, and only require this to be done once every several years.

A hardwood floor speaks of elegance and simplicity that requires little dressing. Stylish hardwood needs no frills like throw rugs or runners to emphasize its beauty. Unlike wool and the manmade materials in carpets, hardwood floors repel spilled wine, melted candy, pet mistakes and mud tracked in from outside. The floor is easily cleaned up with a damp paper towel or a broom. Wood floors eliminate the need to fret about things being brought into the house or drinks being brought into certain areas for fear of acquiring irremovable carpet stains. Besides requiring almost effortless cleaning, hardwood is also resistant to most damage. However, if a floor does become scratched or damage, there is not need to replace the floor. Where as damaged carpet requires replacement of the whole room, sections of damaged wood can be easily replaced without losing the integrity of the floor's original pattern and grade.

Today, companies can provide innumerable selections of grades, styles and types of wood. Hardwood floor owners have the option of merely installing a simple elegant floor or to be more daring and go for exotic Australian wood or rich African grains. There is no need to use an elaborate throw rug, the floors themselves are made up of complex custom designs recalling houses of the rich and famous.

In addition to the cosmetic benefits of hardwood floors, they can also provide basic benefits as well. An interesting feature of professionally laid hardwood is its temperature. In addition to its beauty, a hardwood floor remains cool in the summertime and holds in heat during the winter. Regardless of the temperatures outside, this results in year round comfort for your bare feet.

From the most modern of homes, to homes that recall the past, the unique hues and timeless designs of hardwood floors provide homeowners a feature they can be proud of. A hardwood floor will provide years of service and beauty.