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Duraseal X-TERRA ™ Product Description:

This urethane/acrylic, two-component resin blend is made to give hardwood floors a finish that not only looks fantastic but can withstand the heavy traffic experienced in commercial and residential zones. Professionals use Duraseal X-TERRA ™ because they know it produces long-lasting results pleasing to the eye.

Duraseal X-TERRA ™ Recommended Uses:

Duraseal X-TERRA ™ is specifically made for use in areas that experience high traffic. Specifically, floors located in commercial and some residential buildings, can benefit through the use of this product.

Physical characteristics of Duraseal X-TERRA ™:

Ingredients- Some ingredients included in this product are Water, 2-Methoxymethylethoxypropanol, 1-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone (A full list can be found on the back of the product)
Color – Information unavailable
pH – 7.8
Solids – 34.5%
Viscosity –65 centipoise
Density – 8.75 lbs./gallon
VOC - 350 grams/liter or 2.9 lbs/gal maximum
Gloss Level – N/A
Odor – Information unavailable
Pot life – Product must be used within four hours of being mixed
Packaging – 1-gallon plastic container

Application characteristics of Duraseal X-TERRA ™:

Clarity – Information unavailable
Flow and Leveling – Excellent
Dry time: Allow 2 to 3 hours between coats; only light traffic after 24 hours.
Maximum Cure - Allow one week to pass before submitting to heavy traffic.
Coverage – 350-400 square feet per gallon
Defoaming – Information unavailable
Flashpoint - <200
Percent cured after 24 hours – Information unavailable

Application and Maintenance for Duraseal X-TERRA ™:

Before using X-Terra, make sure to prepare floors according to the detailed instructions provided. It is also crucial to go through the proper mixing procedure to ensure the product produces the desired results. For the best results Apply 1 coat of Dura Seal Super Base Sealer and 2 coats of Dura Seal™ X-TERRA. For high traffic commercial applications, a third coat is recommended. If you have further questions about the application process, contact Dura Seal at 1-800-364-1359 or go to duraseal.com.

To maintain your floors, prevent build up by sweeping or dusting daily. It may also be beneficial to use the proper floor cleaner on occasion. When wear is apparent, recoat to restore the floor.

Recommended Application Tools: Synthetic bar applicator

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