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Our People – Qualified flooring experts
Our People – Well equiped
Our People – Appointments

Employees at Oakland Wood Floors are qualified flooring experts. Our staff members take pride in being a part of our team, and enjoy working at Oakland Wood Floors. Employee passions range from assisting clients with their flooring needs to seeing that the company continues to grow. As the company grows, so does the potential for advancement, enabling team members to sustain long-term employment.
Our employees are the backbone of our business. They’re chosen with careful consideration and must meet certain criteria before they’re hired.

Each employee is well-trained and highly skilled. They must pass a background check upon hiring and are on salary with the company. Even though each employee has experience in flooring, the company continues to train employees after the initial training process is complete. This ensures that all employees are completely updated with knowledge pertaining to all relevant fields of the flooring industry.

Oakland Wood Floors is very interested in not only customer satisfaction, but also employee satisfaction. Therefore, each employee is treated fairly and is evaluated on an individual basis for the work that he or she performs. Appropriate motivating factors are in place to ensure each employee is rewarded in a timely fashion for work that meets or exceeds the company's expectations.