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Bona Bonaseal – Features
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Bona Strong Product Description:

dustless refinishing special with 3 coats of Bona strongBona Pacific Strong ™ is a dual-component, waterborne, urethane wood floor finish formulated for interior use. This finish is superb for high-traffic residential areas as well as commercial wood floors. Professionally formulated, it’s the first choice for durable and quality floor finishes. With 90 years in the industry, Bona floor finish products offer unparalleled excellence.

BONA STRONG ™ Recommended Uses

Bona Strong is highly recommended for high-traffic residential areas, including kitchens, entry ways, family rooms, pet areas and areas where children play

This product can also be used in commercial businesses and institutions with a lot of foot traffic. Examples include restaurants, offices, retail stores, nursing homes and schools.

Regardless of the location, Bona Strong can easily be used to refinish white or pastel-stained floors.

Also use it as a recoating application on “Pre-Finished UV” hardwood floors.

Application Characteristics:

Clarity - Clear when dry 
Coverage – 500 to 600 square feet per gallon 
Leveling - Excellent 
Percent Cured After 24 Hours - 70% 
Defoaming - Excellent 
Maximum Cure - 100% following one week 
Drying Time – 1 to 2 hours 
Pot Life - The finish/crosslinker mixture is active for eight hours after being mixed. Within two to three days, a crosslinker may be added one additional time.

BONA Strong ™ Ingredients/Characteristics

Ingredients: Water, polyurethane/acrylic polymer dispersions, Diethylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether, N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone, defoaming and leveling additives.

Color - Milky white when wet
Gloss Level - (60°) >85 for gloss, 55 for silkmat
pH level - 8.0
Odor - Non-offending and practically odorless
Solids - 34%
Flash Point - > 200° F
Viscosity - (#4 Ford cup @ 25°C) 16 seconds
Stability - 1-year shelf life
Density - 8.68 lbs./gallon (1.04 S.G.)
VOC - Does not exceed 350 grams per liter (2.9 lbs. per gallon VOC)
Packaging - 1-gallon plastic bottle.

Directions for Use:

Application Tools recommended to apply Bona Strong are the Bona® Brush, the flocked foam Bona® Swivel Head Floor Coater and the Bona® Swedish Roller.

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