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Hardwood floors are perhaps one of the most beautiful features a home can have. Wood flooring adds value to the property and a certain richness that a carpeted home simply cannot achieve. While hardwood is very durable and a long lasting investment; everyday wear and tear is inevitable. A cost effective option to bring new life to a floor is a wood floor stain.

All our hardwood floor stain meet the California VOC's Laws, mean that VOC = Does not exceed 550 grams per liter (4.6 lbs. per gallon VOC)

Hardwood floor staining is not a new technique. Now though, instead of merely having the surface coated new forms of dyes and pigments are used to penetrate the wood. This method produces a result that enhances the charm and unique character of hardwood. Hardwood floors tell a story about a home. A new stain writes the next chapter of their legacy.

Stain Colors (Click to see larger preview)

A project of this nature is best left to a hardwood floor stain service. Oakland Wood Floors, located in the Bay Area, employs wood flooring experts. Oakland Wood Floors offers a wide variety of colors and finishes for hardwood floor staining, or a custom color can be created for you. In just 24 hours, wood floors in need of care can be treated and restored for a very reasonable price. Everything in a home needs modernization from time to time. Staining is simply a way to give wood flooring a sophisticated face-lift.

Oakland Wood Floors seals the deal with the use of Bona Traffic finish, if you choose this coating, once the staining portion of your project is complete. Bona Traffic excludes the need for traditional top coats and is highly resistant to wear and tear in high traffic areas. This final step is odorless and colorless so the look and hue of your hardwood floors will remain true.

Oakland Wood Floors offer a wide range of services for all your flooring needs. As members of the National Wood Flooring Association and clear record in the Better Business Bureau, you can feel confident that our professional flooring crews of highly trained, licensed and bonded specialists will exceed your expectations.

Home consultations are the first steps in the Oakland Wood Floors experience. Our reputation speaks for itself. Staining hardwood floors is an environmentally friendly and cost effective way to freshen up or drastically change wood flooring. Allow Oakland Wood Floors to be your partner in hardwood flooring rejuvenation.

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