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To beautify your home and increase its value, consider adding hardwood floors or refurbishing existing flooring. However, hardwood floor installation or refurbishing is not an easy process, and there are many factors that must be considered before laying or refurbishing hardwood floors. Wood floor consulting is the recommended first step in the process of improving the look of your home with hardwood floors. Oakland Wood Floors is a member of the National Wood Flooring Association and boasts a clean record with the Better Business Bureau. We can assist you with your wood floor consulting needs by providing trained and experienced hard wood floor consultants and site managers.

Our wood floor consultants can help you determine whether or not you can lay hardwood floors in your home as well as advice about what kind of wood you may need to purchase and the challenges that may await you. A floor consultant can show you how to prepare an area for wood flooring, in addition to ensuring that there is no risk of moisture in the area. Further, a wood floor consultant can help you make crucial decisions about the flooring you are about to install, such as the wood pattern, surfacing, staining, floor maintenance requirements, etc.

Even if you're only refurbishing your wood floors, hiring a wood floor consulting service is necessary before beginning. A wood floor consultant can take a look at the hardwood floors in their current condition before making a recommendation as to how you should proceed with the refurbishing process. There are many options available for hardwood floor refurbishing, and some are more costly than others. When you choose to consult a wood flooring expert before beginning the project yourself, you can save time and money. This means that you’ll be investing in a cost-effective wood flooring solution rather than attempting wood floor restoration techniques that are not appropriate for your floors.

Oakland Wood Floors can provide top-of-the-line professional floor consultation services. Dedicated to meet a client's specific needs, and equipped with an excellent business strategy, Oakland Wood Floors carries both license and bond insurance, and is a business that you can trust. When you choose Oakland Wood Floors' consulting services, you choose excellence.

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