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Water damage repairs
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Homeowners generally have a list of items that need repair or attention. Often times, the list can seem endless. Perhaps one of the biggest fears a homeowner faces is that of water damage; specifically water damage to hardwood floors.

The beauty and elegance of hardwood flooring can be altered in an instant due to water damage. Floods, leaky faucets, broken pipes, faulty appliances or plumbing and pet accidents are a sampling of the culprits that can turn your gorgeous hardwood to a battered mess in mere seconds.

Water damage repairs must be addressed quickly in order to salvage and restore hardwood. Addressing the damage in a topical fashion is a quick fix, but often one that can cause further damage. It’s essential to remove excess moisture immediately to avoid cupping and buckling of the hardwood floor. Mold and mildew, often not visible to the naked eye, can cause long term health hazards. Sadly, many homeowners are not aware of the existence of mold until somebody becomes ill. It may seem the problem has been solved once the moisture is removed. Using a trained professional to ascertain the proper way to repair the damaged area from the inside out is the safest and most cost effective way to be sure your floors are preserved.

It may not be necessary to replace an entire hardwood floor. A water damage repair service can offer you several options for restoration and repair. Oakland Wood Floors provides a variety of cutting-edge and environmentally safe methods for water damage repair on hardwood floors.

Oakland Wood Floors recently introduced a dustless and NO sanding method. The experience of having work done in a home is often unpleasant. Our dedication is to the client. Our highly trained staff of licensed, insured and bonded craftsmen offers every assurance that the work will be completed in a manner that will keep the rest of your home in tact and free of further disruption.

An, in-home consultation is the first step in determining the best approach for water damage repair and how involved the process will be. As members of the National Wood Flooring Association and the proud owner of a clean record with the Better Business Bureau, Oakland Wood Floors offers a level of expertise that will protect and restore your most important investment.

Water damage can cause problems for years to come, devalue your home, and create substantial health problems. Oakland Wood Floors is your partner in reversing water damage and bringing the glory back to your hardwood flooring.

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