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How Bona Mega Look in the hardwood floors

This is how Bona Mega look when is apply on oak hardwood floors and Pine wood floors

Bona Mega ™ Description:

Bona Mega is a revolutionary, waterborne, wood floor finish designed for residential and commercial interior floors with heavy foot traffic. Bona Mega is unique because of its oxygen-crosslinking polyurethane (OCP) formula. The OCP formula uses oxygen in the air as a crosslinker, which means the finish will harden quickly. Additionally, it is a 100% polyurethane waterborne formula that is easy to apply. As the world’s leading waterborne finish, Bona Mega provides exceptional quality, durability and value.

Bona Mega WAterborne floor coatings
Bona Mega Recommended Uses:

Bona Mega is recommended for use on residential flooring with heavy foot traffic, such as kitchens, entryways and living areas.
Recommended for homes with pets and/or children.
Can be used on commercial flooring including for restaurants, offices, retail shops, schools, university buildings, hospitals, nursing homes and more.


Physical characteristics of Bona Mega:

Ingredients- Water, Polyurethane Resin, Propylene-based Glycol Ether, Flattening Agents (satin/semi-gloss) Defoaming and Leveling Agents.
Color- Milky white when wet
pH level - 7.9
Solids - 32.5%
Viscosity - (#4 Ford cup @ 25 degrees C) 18 seconds
Density - 8.75lbs/gallon (1.05 S.G.)
VOC Compliant - Product has maximum VOC content of 150 grams per liter (1.3 pounds per gallon VOC).
Gloss Level - >90 for gloss, 45 to 50 for semi-gloss, 25 to 30 for satin
Odor - Non-offending. The product is virtually odorless
Stability – 1-year shelf life in unopened container
Packaging - 1 Gallon plastic bottle

Application characteristics:

Clarity - Dries clear
Leveling - Excellent
Drying Time - 2 to 3 hours
Maximum Cure - 100% after one week
Coverage – 500 to 600 square feet per gallon
Defoaming - Excellent
Percent Cured After 24 Hours - 70%

Bona Mega Dustless refinishing specialDirections for Use:

For specific instructions please read all directions. Before using, sand and prepare new floors according to accepted industry association methods. If you have further questions, call Bona at 800-872-5515.

The Bona Mega Finish System works as a three-coat system. First apply a Bona sealer or stain, followed with two coats of Bona Mega. A third coat of Mega is recommended for heavy-traffic areas.

Recommended Applicators: Bona Floor Coater, Bona Roller, Bona Cut-In Pad. Use a clean applicator for sealer and a separate clean applicator for finish.

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