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Oakland Wood Floors is a dependable flooring company that specializes in quality service and customer satisfaction. Employees of Oakland Wood Floors are aware of consumer needs and, thus, always strive to meet and surpass those expectations in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

Oakland Wood Floors is synonymous with quality service and professional work at a fair price. In most cases, Oakland Wood Floors will not charge the customer until after service has been completed. This policy is important as it demonstrates our high level of confidence in our services. In some instances Oakland Wood Floors may also provide service with no money required up front. This policy is dependent upon the project manager, but that shouldn't discourage you from inquiring about it. If you are interested in taking advantage of this great policy, then don’t hesitate to contact your project manager for more details.

Oakland Wood Floors offers a double guarantee on all work. The double guarantee covers labor as well as materials. Additionally, Oakland Wood Floors is in high-standing with the Better Business Bureau.

We’re proud to say that there is never an extra charge for holiday and weekend labor. We rely on our expertise and efficiency for a speedy turnaround time. Generally, the waiting period for completion of service is less than one week.

Employees of Oakland Wood Floors are highly skilled and well-qualified. More importantly, the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) trains all employees. Oakland Wood Floors has a close relationship with parent company, MoreCo, and partners with them for project managers. Each project within Oakland Wood Floors has an assigned manager responsible for the project at hand and the location being served. There is not an additional charge for project managers. Project managers oversee ventures and establish successful relationships with the customer. Customers meet project managers at the conception of a deal and they will have the same project manager throughout the entire process for both consistency and comfort.

Oakland Wood Floors is active within the community and remains dedicated to community involvement and service programs. Oakland Wood Floors is a participant in the community program, Wonder Woman Project. Wonder Woman Project provides discounted services to single women who own their homes. Participation in this program is a notable feature of Oakland Wood Floors and clearly demonstrates our compassion for the communities that we serve.

Overall, Oakland Wood Floors is a reputable company that prides itself on quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. Customer service is of critical importance within our company, as we believe it’s imperative to always place the customer’s needs first. Employees are eager to take care of customers and project managers are available to assist customers at any time.

If you’re interested in obtaining quality flooring services at a reasonable price, then you should consider contacting us. Oakland Wood Floors is professional, affordable, and fast. Remarkable customer service and outstanding performance are just two of the many quality elements that we bring to our customers.