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Inspiration – Natural Wood
Inspiration – Passion
Inspiration – Inspire Us

At Oakland Wood Floors, we draw on the simple beauty and natural strength of real wood flooring to give us the inspiration to provide quality to each and every one of our clients. It is this inspiration that forms the basis of the passion we bring to our work and, as a result, into your homes and businesses. We are not simply technicians, but rather, we have an appreciation for what we do; this differentiates us from other similar service providers and allows us to stand above the rest.

In our craft, while there is a fair amount of science involved, what most deeply speaks to us and allows us to be inspired by what we do is the artistic element. We have a special appreciation for nature, the crisp cleanliness of wood, and the cool tones it can introduce into the homes or offices of our clients. The character of natural wood is both timeless and dynamic, evolving from regular wear, but possesses an enduring beauty that deepens over the course of years. This natural element can unify a room, integrate with the decorating themes, and create a unique blend between order and inspiration – we are able to bring our love of the outdoors to the inside in such a way as to magnify the majesty of each.


The cool nature of an uncovered wood floor promotes not just a natural flow to the eye, but increases the feeling of openness within a room. We appreciate not just the look, but also how air circulates more evenly and comfortably within a room as compared to other flooring options. Rooms with wood floors simply feel more natural and free.

Unlike synthetic alternatives, real wood flooring results in a unique finished product every time, meaning that each floor we install or service is unlike any other. In addition to the inspiration we draw upon from the product itself, the chance to effectively create something unique with each project is inspiring. Rather than simply turning out widgets – prefabricated and uninspired floors – we have the privilege of creating special floors. It is for this reason that we measure success in terms of each satisfied client. Our mission that “We do it right, every time,” is achieved by allowing the passion we feel for what we do to be expressed in every job.