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Water damage repairs
Subfloor work demolition
Wood floor inlays

Whether you are a professional general contractor or a homeowner managing his own project, you should utilize a unique service offered by Oakland Wood Floors and More Co Rent-A- Crew. This is a service not offered by many professional flooring contractors, but it is a means of assuring that your flooring project will receive the most competent installation available anywhere.

Our flooring installation pros have the tools and the knowledge to complete your project in a timely manner. Their wide range of experience with all types of flooring materials means they need little or no supervision in any type of flooring project. They will make sure your subflooring is flat, clean and ready for the installation. This is a very important step because a floor installation will be no better than the subfloor on which it is installed.

Your have a better control of your costs because of our daily flat rate for a crew and all their flooring tools. Your Oakland Rent A Crew will arrive in a timely manner, with the flooring tools they need, prepared to work. You are freed from all the administrative functions of having employees, which are carried on by our office. Whether it is a new installation, or a wood floor rehab involving a new subfloor, or simply resurfacing your existing hardwood flooring, our talented crew will assure you of a superior job.

In addition to laying flooring material, your Rent-A-Crew can install steps and stairways, also baseboards, trim, crown moldings, landings and hardwood floor reducers. They will remove carpeting and stains. An Oakland Rent-A-Crew will prefinish wood flooring, apply floor stain; water or oil based, demolish and replace subflooring and anything else within the scope of a flooring project.

Our reputation for quality and professionalism is your assurance that your flooring project will be completed on schedule in the most competent manner possible. Your floors will be a thing of beauty that you will be proud to display and your costs will be reasonable when considering the quality of the job done. An Oakland Flooring Rent-A-Crew is the answer to the most professional installation, finishing or maintenance for your hardwood floors.

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